King of QR Classes:

A: AWD Class

  • Class A1: AWD Street
  • Class A2: AWD Track Tuned
  • Class A3: AWD Performance

B: Forced Induction Class

  • Class B1: Forced Induction Street
  • Class B2: Forced Induction Track Tuned
  • Class B3: Forced Induction Performance

C: Naturally Aspirated Class

  • Class C1: Naturally Aspirated Street
  • Class C2: Naturally Aspirated Track Tuned
  • Class C3: Naturally Aspirated Performance

D: Extreme and Electric Class

  • Class D1: Extreme and Electric

E: Time Attack GT Class

  • Class E1: Time Attack GT

Event Details:

    The King of QR will be run on all four circuits at QLD Raceway; Sprint, Sportsman, Clubman, National. The best lap on each circuit will be added together, and the drivers with the fastest combined lap time shall win first, second or third in each class.

Event Schedule (guide, times may vary on the day):

  • 7:15am Driver Check In
  • 8:00am Driver Briefing
  • 8:30am On track (3 sessions of National track, 3 sessions of Sprint track)
  • 12:15am Lunch Time
  • 12:45pm On track (3 sessions of Clubman track, 3 sessions of Sportsman track)
  • 4:30pm Trophy Presentation

Street Class:

Track Tuned Class:

Performance Class:

Extreme and Electric Class:

Time Attack GT Class:

Rulings and Decisions:

  1. If you are unsure of something, check in advance.
  2. The final classification of all cars will be at the discretion of the check in crew.
  3. The organiser's decision shall be final. No dispute shall be entered.
  4. Time Attack management reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone or ask anyone to leave an event without prior notice.