The membership option is designed to take extra care of our regular drivers. You get extra benefits

  1. Discount Track Fees

    Members Half Day

    Members Full Day

  2. Cancel your entry for any reason up until you enter the racetrack at the event and only forfeit the booking fee of $40 for a HALF DAY AND $80 for a FULL DAY

    The booking deposit is due once you have stated you want to book into an event and have reserved a place.

    This is especially attractive to anyone who cannot run their car in the rain.

    Pay your membership before the end of January and custom order your Time Attack shirt for the series you will race. Size and type (T-shirt or long sleeve)

  3. Time Attack Series

    You must be a member to be eligible to collect points in the TIME Attack series.

  4. Bonus Discount Off Full Day Booking

    If you are a customer of one of our sponsors you will receive a further discount on your booking at the track they sponsor.

    You just need to get the sponsor to nominate you as one of their customers and the discount is yours!

    Full Day Booking: Save $20 at the track series you sponsor.

    Half Day Afternoon Session Booking: Save $10 at the track series you sponsor.

    Check if your workshop or a business you use is a sponsor of Time Attack!

Membership is for the calendar year. 1 January to 31 December